Can you use the machine to cook indoors?

As long as the Hog roast is in a well-ventilated space and at least 1 metre away from any combustible material this can be possible.

How is the spit Roast Served?

Our experienced staff will carve the meat in front of guests and waiting staff will be on duty to help with the service if necessary. They will also be available to serve refreshments and clear up on completion.

What size pig do I need?  

There is always enough food to go round. A 50kg pig will feed 100-120 people onto plates and 150-170 onto bread rolls. We do stipulate minimum 50 persons.

Do we have to insure the event?

No. Our Public liability Insurance covers you and your gueests up to £10,000,000. So should any unfortunate accident occur we are fully covered to compensate you.

How long does it take to cook a whole pig?

Our times are always approximate and the cooking time will vary depending on the ambient temperature, the wind,the type of meat, the temperature settings of the burners and how often doors to the spit roast  machine are opened. We will always try and cook at the event whenever possible. As it takes approximately  6 hours  for a 50 kilo hog to cook,  sometimes it is not possible to do this at an event and in such circumstances we will cook on our premises   and bring it to your event in our hot ovens..

How far do you travel? ?

We cover all of the UK with our franchisee partners so we do not have an issue with any distance covered. However we do make an additional charge if the booking is made outside our 50 mile radius.  

Do we have to provide anything?

All we need is a power point,water supply and a toilet facility for our staff. We will provide everything else.

What about Special Diets?

We can cater for Vegetarians,Vegans and other food intolerances.At the time of booking your event you must make the necessary arrangements with us and make our booking represenative aware of your needs.

Is the food locally produced? ?

We totally support ‘Buy British’ campaign and all our meats and produce are reared and grown locally whenever possible.

Do we provide a bar?

Yes. We can provide a licenced bar for your event.

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