Corporate Events

Hoggies Hog Roast Event Management provides the full range of services needed to make your event a success. Corporate or private, large conference or small celebration, our planners will free you to focus on your guests while assuring a memorable and successful event.

Creativity –a unique angle or presentation-is often the difference between something memorable and something ordinary. We’ve found enhanced creativity by not sticking to a small niche, but rather planning all sorts of events, a strategy that lets us thoroughly explore limitless resources. 

We can handle any type of event and specialize in making them memorable affairs.

Great food is our soul and passion and we take pride in the success of each event in which we participate. Our menus are based on quality fresh produce, perfectly balanced flavours and stylish, simple presentation. 

Our Franchisees  are dedicated, caring and will deliver your event with style and confidence. They are our ambassadors and human face and are therefore a vital ingredient in our success. The service staff are professionally trained and are encouraged to be expressive in their roles. We have a maxim that “nothing is too much bother”, always ensuring an outstanding level of service.

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