Hoggies Hog Roast is a family run business; we have vast catering experience and can cater for all types of events. A hog roast is always the centre attraction of any of our functions or events and provides a memorable experience. It is also a great alternative to other overpriced catering options. The Hog Roast machines we use are flexible in as much that we can convert them to spit roast or to grill steaks, jointed meats, chicken or turkeys. The choice is always yours. Our baby roast potatoes are a big hit with all our events. Everybody just raves after them. 

Hoggies Hog Roast purchase its meats from local producers in Staffordshire and our hogs are succulent and  great tasting when cooked slowly in our special ovens. The beef steaks just melt in your mouth and are always cooked to your requirement.

Hoggies Hog Roast is also a franchise and was set up to give a chance to indulge young professionals to run their own business. Our Managing director has catering experience spanning 45 years in the catering sector and his expertise has developed avenues for young professional chefs to follow in his footsteps. It is our policy that a win/win situation must exist within our ethical program. Customer satisfaction will never be compromised by allowing poor quality of food and service. All functions are attended by fully trained and friendly staff. When large event catering is required, we pool in all the franchised businesses in the area to give the event the same level of service. Whichever outlet you choose to visit on the day you know that the quality of Hoggies Hog Roast will all be the same throughout.

We will give you a 5 star service and from start to finish and will ensure that your event will be a beaming success for your family, colleagues and friends.

Our choice of menus and price guide are designed to adapt to your specific requirement for that important event.

We can also arrange 5 piece band for your special occasion if this is required.

To round off your day we can provide a spectacular Chinese Firework Display which is unique to Hoggies Hog Roast and leaves your guests gasping with delight. Your friends, family and colleagues will be impressed by your ability and choice to put on such a mind-blowing event.


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